Brentwood esports after-school competitive video gaming – KMOX

Brentwood esports after-school competitive video gaming – KMOX

BRENTWOOD (KMOX) — Playing video games is now an approved after-school activity, just another sign that e-sports are going mainstream.

Kids can reach for high scores on titles like Super Smash Bros and FIFA as part of the partnership between Nerd Street Gamers and Brentwood Parks and Recreation. Students 7-to-13 years old can sign up.

Nerd Street Gamers’ Taryn McCarty says the e-sports club can teach ‘soft skills.’

“There’s a lot of critical thinking skills for example that these kids can develop,” she says. “Also, a huge part is kids being able to interact with other kids that they may not necessarily get interaction with.”

Plus — what parents might want to know — she says getting good at video games in middle and high school can set them up for college and future tech careers.

The after-school program will be held in Brentwood at the e-sports center called LocalHost, which is a joint venture of Nerd Street Gamers and retailer Five Below.

McCarty says: “We’re trying to provide infrastructure and opportunities for kids who may not necessarily have … that PlayStation at home.”