Bungie is reportedly developing an esports multiplayer game – NME

Bungie is reportedly developing an esports multiplayer game – NME

A recent job posting by Bungie seems to imply the developer is looking to create an esports-focused competitive multiplayer title.

Originally spotted by DestinyNews+, the job description requires applicants to have a “strong familiarity with global gaming markets and the competitive gaming/esports landscape”.

Responsibilities in the job description point towards a competitive multiplayer title with “game mechanics that provide strategic depth and opportunities for counterplay”.


The role also requires a strong understanding of map design. A requirement which further bolsters the idea that Bungie is working on a competitive multiplayer title.

The job posting in question is the Incubation Multiplayer Systems Designer, which is based at Bungie’s headquarters in Washington.

Destiny 2 Cosmodrome
Destiny 2. Credit: Bungie

Bungie has been open about its intention to develop new titles in the past. The game in development would be Bungie’s first new release since it launched Destiny 2 in 2017.

In the time since then, Bungie has released several expansions for Destiny 2, including Forsaken, Shadowkeep and the most recent addition, Beyond Light.

Bungie’s Halo series, which originally launched in the early 2000s, is still a popular esport today. A recent Halo 5 competition saw the winners taking home $10,000.


In comparison, Destiny 2 virtually has no professional esports presence at all. This is