JLINGZ esports teams up with Recast – Esports Insider

JLINGZ esports teams up with Recast – Esports Insider

Jesse Lingard-owned esports organisation JLINGZ esports has partnered with video platform Recast.

The agreement will see fans given access to regular exclusive JLINGZ esports content on Recast, such as gaming highlights and insights. Moreover, the organisation will utilise the video platform’s ‘unique’ monetisation model.

(ESI Illustration) Pictured left to right: Jesse Lingard, Andy Meikle. Image credit: JLINGZ / Recast

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As a result of the deal, 85 percent of the revenue generated by Recast will be passed to the rights holder, JLINGZ Esports, while 15 percent is retained by the platform, Esports Insider understands.

JLINGZ Esports is a UK-based esports organisation owned by Manchester United and England footballer Jesse Lingard. The organisation currently competes in FIFA and Rainbow Six Siege.

Recast is a direct-to-customer video platform that connects rights holders directly to fans. It offers the ability to earn in-app credits called ‘Casts’ for both viewers and rights holders through microtransactions.

According to a release, Recast will give JLINGZ’ fans behind-the-scenes access to star names including Rainbow Six team captain Sam Williams,