Key esports sponsorships and partnerships, July 2021 – Esports Insider

Key esports sponsorships and partnerships, July 2021 – Esports Insider

July 2021 brought high temperatures and a soaring amount of esports partnerships.

Last month, we saw such collaborations as an esports debit card, custom microbrew, veteran outreach programme, a Lexus content house, esports utility bag, and in a twist — an esports team buying naming rights instead of the other way around.

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Each month, Esports Insider, in collaboration with YouGov — a data and analytics company that provides global consumer opinion and behavioural data — collates the period’s significant sponsorship and partnership news in esports.

YouGov recently expanded its Global Fan Profiles tool to monitor fan sentiment in esports, now enabling sponsors, properties, and rights holders to measure and track global consumer engagement in 32 key markets. This advanced tool provides timely, relevant data of fanbases around the world, covering 200 leagues, 50 events, 45 game titles and 2,000 teams across sports and esports. Subscribers can create side-by-side comparisons of individual game titles, leagues, events, tournaments, team fanbases, and much more.

Readers can learn more about Global Fan Profiles here.

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