Sony’s Patent Application And The Long Road Ahead For Esports Betting –

Sony’s Patent Application And The Long Road Ahead For Esports Betting –

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The internet is abuzz this week since it became public that Sony has filed a patent for esports betting technology. The patent is broad in scope, but could for instance allow players to place real money bets, either on themselves or other players, while playing or watching a round of Call of Duty on their PlayStation. It even contains provisions for betting with cryptocurrency or in-game items.

It’s unlikely that anyone will be doing that very soon, however. For one thing, the patent hasn’t actually been approved yet; it’s merely on the docket. Sony filed the patent way back in 2019. It came to light now because patent applications are kept private until either they’ve been approved, or 18 months have elapsed. In this case, it’s the latter that happened.

Even if it receives approval soon, the patent is more likely speculative in nature than something Sony intends to put to immediate practical use. Esports is a major phenomenon, but monetizing the craze has proven tricky. Betting on esports is available in a few forms, including in the US, but has yet to take off.

Sony’s North American press contact did not respond to a request for comment.

Online Poker Report spoke instead with Reset Vegas owner Christopher LaPorte about Sony’s patent application, and esports betting in general.

From 2011 to 2014, LaPorte operated a video game-themed Las Vegas bar called Insert Coins. Although