The 5 Most Important E-Sports Events of 2021 – Entrepreneur

The 5 Most Important E-Sports Events of 2021 – Entrepreneur

E-sports alone could be worth $ 1.6 billion by 2023.

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The video game market became more relevant than ever in the pandemic and it is an industry that continues to generate millions of dollars. At a competitive level, the famous electronic sports or eSports are now events that attract thousands in stadiums and around the world through streaming.

According to figures from the Global Esports Market Report 2020 from the research firm Newzoo, eSports profits in 2020 were 1.1 billion dollars, a growth of 15.7% compared to 2019, a period in which 950 million dollars were generated . By 2023, they are expected to reach nearly 1.6 billion.

The business expansion also had an impact on the sports betting market. In QYResearch’s Global eSport & Sport Gambling Market, Key Trends and Opportunities to 2026 , it was reported that e-sports gambling was valued at $ 142 million, but that in 2021 it will start to grow 6.2% annually until reaching 203 million in 2026 .

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